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Memory Registry

Found Here.

Skill Regains

Starter: Riddle Solving - Ability to take bits and pieces of information and easily solve complex riddles.

Summon Persona
Torrent Shot
Heat Wave
Hama Boost
Mudo Boost

Detective Skills
Detective Novel Knowledge
General Knowledge I
General Knowledge II
Shadow Lore/Knowledge
Japanese Language/Culture
Marksmanship I
Marksmanship II
Electronics Creation/Manipulation
Tokusatsu Knowledge

Open Post!

Jun. 7th, 2016 08:17 pm
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This post is to interact with either Naoto, Lapis from Kyriakos, or any of Naoto's Infiltrations: SHIRO, Noriko, or Akemi Lapis. Fluff, smut, or gen are all fine!

If you would like me to write a starter, let me know! There's also a starter to visit Lapis in Inaba post-Kyr.
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If you are signing up for Lapis' heart, please put here what your character is the worst at, and what their greatest fear is.

If they do not have a greatest fear per se, what are they afraid of?

Comments are screened because I'm evil.
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Liminal Skills

Hammerspace III (not teachable)

Psychic Skills

Intrusion Notification
Sensory Livestreaming

Jaunt Skills

Advanced Mnemonics
Audiocaudal Syndrome - Hammerspace Coat S. Tech
Bit - U (Adopted from Levi)
Bonded Dragon - TC
Champion Magic: Champion of the Truth
Clockpunk Tinkering
Constructive Enlightenment
Control Panel
Delta Factor
Dream Body - Male Form
Empowered Ability: Enhanced Senses
Hecatite Form
Jury Rigging
Light Gyrocopter
Lightning Age Combat
Lightning Age Innovation: Magnetic
Lightning Age Tech: Magnetic
Perfect Timing
Pogemon Form
Pogemon-Slammer Bond - Rise
Salt Gift: cardinal directions
Sensory Conditioning
Sins and Virtues
S. Tech Mastery: Mascot, Visual S. Links (derivation of Moe Meter), Manifest Dialogue Symbols (taken from Persona 4 the game), Rummage
Stellar Education III: Mechanics (Cybernetics and Robotics)
Stellar Technology (robot)
Tattoo Magic - AG/EN swap
True Bond - Thorne, Alcuin, Claudia

Combo Skills

Linked Hammerspace

Other Skills

3DMG Use - AoT 'verse
3DMG Blades - AoT 'verse
Felix Maximus Magnus
Hacking - Warehouse 13 'verse
Subsona - Sukuna Hikona
Skill Equivalency - Crime Scene Investigation
Skill Equivalency - Eidetic Memory
The Perfect Lie - Plot Skill

Trump Skills

Hopeful Outlook
Light of Honesty
Marked Gestalt
Marked Harmony
Marked Selection
Sun's Aura
Sun's Favor
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Name: Naoto Shirogane
In-game Alias: Lapis
Age: 17
Team: Henwen

Height: 5'0", very slight build. You could likely blow her over with a stiff breeze.
Hair/Eye Color: Dark blue hair, blue-grey eyes.
Other Characteristics: Naoto dresses and presents male, even though she doesn't remember why at the moment by choice as of her binding shard. She is also extremely intelligent and observant.

Physical Changes:

As of 189, Naoto has a scar on the palm of her right hand, as well as a corresponding one on the back of her hand from Nyssa's Quiz Trauma Game.

As of 205, she has a scar on her left side, around to her front from the Sisters' game while she was a cat.

As of 211, she has a scar on her right shoulder, down to her chest from almost dying to the Mimic.

Other Changes:

As of 212, she wears a bit of torn Henwen cloak wrapped around the belt on her hat.
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